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The SECURE ACT, Qualified Plan Updates, Judy Lynch VP LIEBG / 4Thought Financial Group

In this video Judy Lynch, QPA QKC, Vice President of Long Island Employee Benefits Group presents the recent changes in the regulation of Employer-Sponsored ERISA Retirement Plans related to the SECURE Act. This is important information for any employer, accountant, or financial services professional to be aware of. If you offer your employees a 401k, profit sharing plan, or pension through your business and you’re not familiar with the SECURE Act’s changes, this video is well worth watching. Please reach out to us at 4Thought with any questions or for help with your retirement plan.
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Dispelling Frequently Cited Misconceptions About Retainer Fee-Based Financial Planning & Wealth Management

From inaccuracies about cost and need to false expectations regarding contract obligations and services, this explainer dispels many of the common and frequently cited misconceptions about retainer fee-based financial planning and wealth management.

Retainer fee-based financial planning and wealth management services administered by trusted fiduciaries who act on your behalf can be instrumental in helping you achieve your lifelong financial goals. This includes developing a financial plan most aligned with your objectives, constantly revisiting and adjusting this so-called “fiscal roadmap” or “blueprint” in response to life events to ensure you remain on track, and providing insightful guidance to help navigate the various stages of your personal and professional life.

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The Importance of Retainer Fee-Based Financial Planning & Wealth Management

Retainer fee-based financial planning holds significantly more benefits for advisors and investors concerned about navigating recent industry changes than the traditional commission-based model. Here are several reasons why you should consider making the switch today.

Recent, sweeping tax reform. Uncertainty about the U.S. Department of Labor’s recently enacted—(Or was it?)—Fiduciary Rule. The current turbulence defining the stock market, and ever-evolving capabilities of automation.

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Charitable Giving Ideas to Benefit Those in Need & Your Family

Listed here are some ideas to ponder for 2018 and beyond that would benefit the charity of your choice, and your family. Anything you read below should be discussed first with your accountant or tax advisor before you take action.

Charitable giving has certainly changed in 2018. A new tax regime has been passed into law, called the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.” The main change that is relevant for charitable giving is whether (or not) you can still itemize your deductions on your income tax return. Why is that relevant? Charitable giving is part of your itemized deductions.

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4Thought Financial Group Wealth Management & Investment Methodology Overview

In this educational introductory video, 4Thought Financial Group's executive team, Jesse Mackey, Brian Mackey, and Martin Levine, provide an overview of the firm's unique wealth management and investment methodology, and other characteristics that set it apart from the rest of the pack.


4Thought Financial Group is a level-fee fiduciary Registered Investment Advisor providing coordinated wealth management and financial planning services, involving four different areas: Investment Planning, Estate Planning, Fringe Benefits Planning, and Business Succession Planning. 4Thought Financial Group specializes in utilizing a unique strategic approach to achieve clients' financial goals, leveraging Multi-Method Investing®, technology-driven quantitative analysis, and traditional financial planning services to redefine the traditional investing model.

4Thought Financial Group's executive team, Chief Investment Officer Jesse Mackey, Chief Executive Officer Brian Mackey, and Chief Financial Officer Martin Levine, outline the firm's unique wealth management and investment methodology, and other characteristics that set it apart from the rest of the pack, in this introductory video, with a transcription provided below.

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Why Should I Use Retainer Fee Wealth Management? Here's a Pricing Model Breakdown

Retainer Fee-Based Wealth Management holds several significant advantages that other fee- and/or commission-based pricing structures do not, including a reduction in potential conflicts of interest and better alignment with clients' financial goals.

You wouldn’t ask an electrician to look at your leaky faucet, so why would you ask an investment manager what kind of trust to use to ease the burden of probate on an estate, or how to structure the buy/sell agreement for a business?

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Why CPAs Should Partner with a Retainer Fee-Based Financial Planning & Wealth Management Firm—Now

Partnering with a retainer fee-based financial planning and wealth management firm holds many significant benefits for CPAs interested in providing personal financial planning services to clients, among these: reducing or eliminating conflicts of interest, facilitating better adherence to regulatory compliance, and improving alignment of incentives with clients’ financial objectives. It may provide access to fresh, innovative ideas, cutting-edge solutions, and deliver additional value for clients, while your team can focus on its core business.

With tax season squarely in the rearview but for any lingering questions still circulating among clients regarding the recent federal tax overhaul’s exact ramifications on returns next year, now is the perfect time for CPAs to take stock of such concerns and inquiries, and assess their own individual places within the greater trajectory of the financial industry, overall.

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Longevity & Wealth Management

Resurgence in the quest to unlock the secrets of longevity presents significant implications for sound financial planning and wealth management strategies.

Longevity has always been a human fascination, but advancements in medicine and technology have transformed this fascination into a present-day reality.

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