"Dividing market history into bear, bull, wolf, and eagle environments is useful as a step toward revealing the complexity and unpredictability of the financial markets, both for planners and their clients."

-Journal of Financial Planning, June 2019 

"Mackey was motivated by the data and the superior risk-adjusted returns he saw in this new strategy shortly after the Great Recession."

AdvisorNews.com, June 2019

"4Thought Financial utilizes a revolutionary multi-method investment strategy that maximizes the strengths and effectiveness of completely divergent approaches to achieve clients’ financial goals."

–Original Funding, July 2016

The new firm scored No. 1 in year-to-date performance in both the retirement income and multi-alternative categories of Morningstar's separate account research database.

Newsday, May 2015

"4Thought Financial Group has rapidly built a strong track record on its formulaic, data-driven approach towards investing."

PR Newswire, November 2014

"They have quickly molded 4Thought Financial into a company that is being watched closely; it is the business of the future.”

FREE Magazine, September 2013

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