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Why Should I Use Retainer Fee Wealth Management? Here's a Pricing Model Breakdown

Retainer Fee-Based Wealth Management holds several significant advantages that other fee- and/or commission-based pricing structures do not, including a reduction in potential conflicts of interest and better alignment with clients' financial goals.

You wouldn’t ask an electrician to look at your leaky faucet, so why would you ask an investment manager what kind of trust to use to ease the burden of probate on an estate, or how to structure the buy/sell agreement for a business?

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Finding Your Financial Advisor

Finding the right financial advisor is critical to safeguarding a sound fiscal future and ensuring you achieve your financial goals.

A financial advisor is commonly seen as a finance professional who provides guidance and advice to clients regarding investments and how to best achieve their short- and long-term financial goals. But financial advisors may also offer a wider array of services, from investment planning and estate planning to business succession planning and group benefits, among many others.

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CPA Continuing Education Course: Alternative Methods of Investing

Learn about the various Alternative Methods of Investing that professional investment managers may use to manage your clients' portfolios, including Strategic Asset Allocation, Liability-Driven Investing, Opportunistic Investing, and Selective/Concentrated Investing.

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If Your Retirement Plan Is Out Of Date Or In Non‑Compliance, You Are At Risk.

Recent and anticipated changes to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule and potential new SEC rules may mandate new compliance requirements for retirement plan services sponsors and providers. If your retirement plan is out of date or in non-compliance, then you are at risk.

Saving enough money to live comfortably during retirement is a chief concern among countless Americans. For so many, retirement plan services provided by plan sponsor employers, unions, or other professional bodies maintain this critical financial lifeline, often via a 401(k).

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CPA Continuing Education Course: Retainer Fee Wealth Management

Learn about Retainer Fee Wealth Management, a new way to deliver financial services that is more aligned with the business model and ethics of CPAs than traditional approaches.

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Why CPAs Should Partner with a Retainer Fee-Based Financial Planning & Wealth Management Firm—Now

Partnering with a retainer fee-based financial planning and wealth management firm holds many significant benefits for CPAs interested in providing personal financial planning services to clients, among these: reducing or eliminating conflicts of interest, facilitating better adherence to regulatory compliance, and improving alignment of incentives with clients’ financial objectives. It may provide access to fresh, innovative ideas, cutting-edge solutions, and deliver additional value for clients, while your team can focus on its core business.

With tax season squarely in the rearview but for any lingering questions still circulating among clients regarding the recent federal tax overhaul’s exact ramifications on returns next year, now is the perfect time for CPAs to take stock of such concerns and inquiries, and assess their own individual places within the greater trajectory of the financial industry, overall.

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CPA Continuing Education Course: Investment Portfolio Theory (Basic Through Advanced)

Learn about the most important and influential concepts of investment portfolio management.

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CPA Continuing Education Course: Charitable Planning Under the New Tax Law

Learn how the new federal tax law will affect your clients' charitable planning.

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Bear, Bull, Wolf & Eagle: The Markets Reimagined & Redefined

4Thought Financial Group breaks down the two main traditional markets into four, creating a more comprehensive approach to investment management called ‘Multi-Method Investing’ based upon a reassessment of the past 68 years of S&P 500 price history.

Every investor knows there are two primary financial markets, so-called “Bear” and “Bull,” and that historically, these alternate—the former characterized generally by falling prices; the latter by rising prices.

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What is Tax Loss Harvesting?

Tax loss harvesting is the act of selling securities to offset paying taxes on capital gains for a set year. Though it can sound easy, many factors go in to it to make it successful.

Tax loss harvesting is the act of selling securities to offset paying taxes on capital gains for a set year. The loss selling method gets done as a way to reduce tax liabilities in a high-income year. The extra money can then go into investing, and the long term compounding effects of the additional assets can be significant.

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