4Thought Financial Group provides Multi-Method Investing® services to individuals, institutional investors, employer-sponsored retirement plans, family offices, Certified Public Accountants, and Registered Investment Advisers.

Intelligent Investment Solutions for Multiple Market Conditions

We offer Multi-Method Investing® services, which simultaneously use multiple investment methods to capitalize on four different types of market environments, allowing the addition of a whole new layer of diversification to portfolios:

  • Liability-Driven Investing (Bear Markets)
  • Strategic Asset Allocation (Bull Markets)
  • Opportunistic Investing (Wolf Markets)
  • Selective/Concentrated Investing (Eagle Markets)


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High Impact Strategies. Low Cost Management.

In addition to the passive strategic asset allocation approaches, we offer the investor access to highly active liquid, low-cost, transparent alternatives to hedge funds and private equity. Investments of this type have historically only been available at much higher cost and/or at much higher investment minimums.

Market Perspectives

4Thought provides you with actionable investment analysis and perspective on the financial markets. Make sure to contact us to determine whether any ideas presented are applicable to your situation before taking any actions with regards to your financial plan or investment portfolio. Hear from Chief Investment Officer Jesse Mackey in our most recent Multi-Method Investing® Market Perspective.

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