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How are fractional shares treated in my 4Thought account?

Fractional share accounting means we do not have to trade only in whole shares, which would limit our ability to get you exactly to your target exposures. The use of fractional shares enables your portfolio to obtain near-exact exposures to the assets we want, even for the smallest of accounts.
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What is a “robo advisor”?

A robo-advisor is the preferred term of the financial media used to describe a variety of digitally-delivered online services that leverage technology to attempt to automate the bulk of (if not all of) the investment advisory services process for retail investors, and in some cases parts of the fee financial planning process.
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FAQs , Accounts and Clients

What happens to idle cash in my 4Thought account?

For investors taking systematic withdrawals from their account, cash from dividends and other income will be allowed to accumulate in the account to ensure liquidity needed to fund withdrawals. For investors that are not taking systematic withdrawals, any accumulated excess cash will automatically be reinvested
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How does tax loss harvesting work for 4Thought’s portfolios?

For taxable accounts, the use of tax loss harvesting to attempt to minimize tax liabilities without hampering returns can be done in two ways through 4Thought: Intra-account harvesting and Inter-account harvesting.
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Do I need life insurance?

Is there anyone that you provide financial support for? Are you potentially subject to estate taxes? Do you have concerns about the continuity of a business you’ve worked hard to build? For these and other reasons, life insurance could be a vital part of your overall financial plan – but it’s not necessary for everyone.
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How do I create a balanced portfolio?

The simplest approach to achieve diversity in a portfolio is to select an appropriate percentage split between stocks and bonds (and potentially other types of assets) based on your objectives and tolerance for risk, and then select a variety of different types of stocks and bonds to fill out the allocation.
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FAQs , Retirement

How can I calculate what I’ll need to retire comfortably?

How much do you spend now? How much do you want to spend in retirement? What is your household income, your current asset values, an expected rate of portfolio growth, and an assumed inflation rate? The formula itself is relatively simple, but there are complicating factors.
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What is a Trust and do I need one?

A Trust is a legal entity created by a document that explains its purpose, the parties involved, and its terms. There are many types of trust, and each has its own set of legal rules of operation.
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How do I view my 4Thought account online?

We provide a consolidated reporting web portal so that you can see all of the accounts we manage for you with all custodians in one place, and we also provide direct access links to the individual custodian web portals. To access both of these options, go to the 4Thought Financial Group website at www.4tfg.com, click “Log In” at the top right and sign in with your username and password.
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What is the difference between financial planning and wealth management?

Financial planning is a component of wealth management, which is generally more comprehensive in scope.
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