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How are fractional shares treated in my 4Thought account?

For investors that direct brokerage and custodianship to Folio through the agreement we’ve established with them, fractional share accounting is a component of their services. This means that we do not have to trade only in whole shares, which would limit our ability to get you exactly to your target exposures. The use of fractional shares enables your portfolio to obtain near-exact exposures to the assets we want, even for the smallest of accounts. However, not all Custodians and Brokerage Firms can support the use of fractional shares, so if you decide to transfer the existing assets in your account away to a new Brokerage/Custodian, you’ll want to be aware that the excess fractional portion of each of your positions will need to be liquidated before the transfer is executed. That’ll be done for you at no additional cost.

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