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Dispelling Frequently Cited Misconceptions About Retainer Fee-Based Financial Planning & Wealth Management

From inaccuracies about cost and need to false expectations regarding contract obligations and services, this explainer dispels many of the common and frequently cited misconceptions about retainer fee-based financial planning and wealth management.

Retainer fee-based financial planning and wealth management services administered by trusted fiduciaries who act on your behalf can be instrumental in helping you achieve your lifelong financial goals. This includes developing a financial plan most aligned with your objectives, constantly revisiting and adjusting this so-called “fiscal roadmap” or “blueprint” in response to life events to ensure you remain on track, and providing insightful guidance to help navigate the various stages of your personal and professional life.

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Systematic Investing Specialization: The 4Thought Difference

We consider ourselves advocates for the idea of systematic savings and investment.

We consider ourselves advocates for the idea of systematic savings and investment, and we have developed focused proprietary strategies to potentially maximize the benefits of this process for our investors.

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Why Use Exchange Traded Funds in Portfolio Management

Exchange traded funds provide an easy, low-cost way to improve diversification and other aspects of the investment management process.

Why is this Topic Important to Wealth Managers? This blogticle represents a special series regarding advanced investing with ETFs. Recently there has been much discussion in the marketplace on the use of these tools and thus we present this topic for wealth managers who may consider these investment vehicles for their clients.

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Is The New Institutional Absolute Return Style of Investment Management Available for the Everyday Investor?

Institutional investment managers around the world are embracing an absolute return approach to investing. Individual investors can also utilize this approach.

The Move Towards Absolute Return in Parts of the Institutional Investing World

During the period from 2007-2009 much greater attention has been paid to the use of hedge-fund-like “absolute return” strategies amongst institutional asset management portfolio managers. The phrase “absolute return” is used to differentiate the concept from the more traditional “relative return” mandates.

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Human vs. Robot: Winner Take All?

Financial technology is disrupting the world of traditional financial services. But human advisors that are prepared to adapt can capitalize on these changes.

Human vs. Robot: Winner Take All?

Nope (at least not for a while).There is a big discussion in the investment management and financial planning world about the disruptive impact of technological advances on the industry, and in particular, the possibility of the “robo-advisor” supplanting the traditional human advisor as the primary deliverer of financial services to the end user. For the unfamiliar, robo-advisor is the preferred term of the financial media to describe a variety of digitally-delivered online services that leverage technology to attempt to automate the bulk of (if not all of) the investment advisory services process for retail investors, and in some cases parts of the fee financial planning process. These services purport to provide a low-cost technology-dependent approach to personal financial life, with the early adopters having primarily come from the millennial demographic cohort.

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The Modern Portfolio Theory Nightmare: When Negatively Correlated Assets Become Correlated

Low and negative correlation asset returns are a cornerstone of Modern Portfolio Theory. But what happens when correlations rise and assets move in lock-step?


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