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Systematic Investing Specialization: The 4Thought Difference

We consider ourselves advocates for the idea of systematic savings and investment.
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Systematic Investing with 4Thought Financial Group

"One of the most effective ways to maintain and potentially improve your standard of living in the long term is to systematically save and invest your earned income over time."

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Learn more about High-Impact, Low-Cost Systematic Investing

We consider ourselves advocates for the idea of systematic savings and investment, and we have developed focused proprietary strategies to potentially maximize the benefits of this process for our investors.

4Thought offers two stand-alone systematic investing strategies for investors that identify their objective as speculation:

  • Opportunistic Systematic Investing
  • Thematic Systematic Investing

If used in isolation, each of these should be viewed as a speculative investment approach, but when blended in appropriate percentages with core Strategic Asset Allocation and Liability-Driven investing approaches (as is the case in the Multi-Contingency strategies), they become integral risk components of a portfolio diversified not just at the level of asset type, but also at the level of investment method – even for conservative investors.

The Opportunistic Systematic Investing strategy utilizes unconstrained tactical asset allocation and statistical probability analysis to attempt to purchase entire asset classes at discounted valuations and sell them at fair valuations.

The Thematic Systematic Investing strategy utilizes selective/concentrated investing and systematized fundamental valuation analysis to attempt to purchase individual stocks at discounted valuations and sell them at fair valuations.

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