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Financial News ,CPA Continuing Education

CPA Continuing Education Course: Investment Portfolio Theory (Basic Through Advanced)

Learn about the most important and influential concepts of investment portfolio management.

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Financial News ,CPA Continuing Education

CPA Continuing Education Course: Charitable Planning Under the New Tax Law

Learn how the new federal tax law will affect your clients' charitable planning.

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Financial News ,Investment Strategy ,Financial News

Bear, Bull, Wolf & Eagle: The Markets Reimagined & Redefined

4Thought Financial Group breaks down the two main traditional markets into four, creating a more comprehensive approach to investment management called ‘Multi-Method Investing’ based upon a reassessment of the past 68 years of S&P 500 price history.

Every investor knows there are two primary financial markets, so-called “Bear” and “Bull,” and that historically, these alternate—the former characterized generally by falling prices; the latter by rising prices.

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What is Tax Loss Harvesting?

Tax loss harvesting is the act of selling securities to offset paying taxes on capital gains for a set year. Though it can sound easy, many factors go in to it to make it successful.

Tax loss harvesting is the act of selling securities to offset paying taxes on capital gains for a set year. The loss selling method gets done as a way to reduce tax liabilities in a high-income year. The extra money can then go into investing, and the long term compounding effects of the additional assets can be significant.

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“Conducting” the tax strategy of your clients

CPA's are always looking to mitigate their client's tax liabilities. CPA's can coordinate various parts of a client's investment strategy to accomplish this.

A tax professional can act similarly to a “conductor” in an orchestra.  They direct the tune, the instruments used and how the end product sounds.  They can make the appropriate changes as they see fit and understand how powerful their actions are in making the show.

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Financial News ,Investment Strategy ,Compass and Crosshairs

Harnessing the Raw Power of Systematic Investing

Systematic investing is the most fundamentally important tool for individual investors to achieve their long-term financial goals. Learn about this concept's many benefits, as well as several practical steps to take to improve one's success rate.

There are very few concepts in financial planning that hold as much raw power to transform one’s life as systematic investing. But harnessing the potential extreme force behind this concept often proves tricky when it comes to actual implementation.

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Financial News ,Financial Professionals ,Investment Strategy ,Business Finance ,Pro Tips

How Can CPAs Mitigate Their Client's Risk? Ask “How Does This Tie In With the Rest of Your Finances?"

CPAs must ask the right questions to mitigate their clients risk. One of these questions is asking how an investment ties in with the overall picture.

Investment professionals and entities alike should always ask “How Does This Tie In With the Rest of Your Finances?”.  It is an important enough question that even from service providers such as attorneys and CPAs, often does not get asked enough to their clients.

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The Importance of Retainer Fee-Based Financial Planning & Wealth Management

Retainer fee-based financial planning holds significantly more benefits for advisors and investors concerned about navigating recent industry changes than the traditional commission-based model. Here are several reasons why you should consider making the switch today.

Recent, sweeping tax reform. Uncertainty about the U.S. Department of Labor’s recently enacted—(Or was it?)—Fiduciary Rule. The current turbulence defining the stock market, and ever-evolving capabilities of automation.

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Weekly Portfolio Update - 2/13/2018

2/13/2018 - Weekly update on 4Thought Financial Group's Separately Managed Accounts for Investors

This notification for the week of 2/13/2018 is part of an ongoing series of updates intended to keep you informed about the changes occurring in your 4Thought Financial Group separately managed accounts (SMAs) each week. We may provide general commentary, as well as planning techniques and ideas. Make sure to discuss with your advisor whether these are applicable to your situation before taking any actions with regards to your financial plan or investment portfolio.


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Financial News ,CPA Continuing Education

CPA Continuing Education Course: Tax Reform and Estate Planning

Learn how the recent federal tax law changes will affect your clients' estate planning.

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