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We provide a technology-driven multi-method separately managed account program, plus a suite of practice management resources to aid financial advisors, RIA firms, institutional investors, and family offices

Multi-Contingency Investment Management


1 Multiple Investment Methods With A Shop On The Innovation Frontier

We offer advisors a Think Outside the Style Box mentality to create all-weather portfolios prepared for Bull, Bear, Wolf, and Eagle markets

Liability-Driven Investing
Opportunistic Investing
Strategic Asset Allocation
Selective/Concentrated Investing

Learn more about the four market environments and multi-method investing

2 A Formulaic, Data-Driven Investment Process And A Team Structure

Our portfolio modeling process starts with creative proprietary research and empirical data analysis. Our findings are used to generate decision making formulas that are able to rapidly and repeatedly analyze vast quantities of raw data and drive our buy/sell/allocation decisions in tune with the specific investment mandates of each of the separately managed accounts offered. Our team includes a Chief Investment Officer, an Investment Committee, and appointed Portfolio Team Members who are cross-trained in all aspects of the portfolio decision making process and trading to ensure continuity and smooth succession for our client firms.

3 GIPS Compliant Performance Reporting

4Thought Financial Group claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®). GIPS® is a registered trademark of CFA Institute. CFA Institute does not endorse or promote this organization, nor does it warrant the accuracy or quality of the content contained herein. GIPS-compliant performance information for 4Thought’s strategies may be obtained by email at;on the 4Thought website at ; or by phone at (516) 300-1617.

4 Morningstar Separate Account Research Availability

Morningstar currently reports on all of our Separately Managed Account composites through their US Separate Account research database, so that you can access info on our SMAs independently and begin your own research process.

Low Cost High Impact Separately Managed Account Strategies

Our SMA strategies feature a low minimum initial investment of only $10,000 per account. We charge a 0.55% per year wrap fee paid quarterly (including custody and brokerage costs). Fees may differ or additional charges may apply depending on your chosen custodian. The only other ongoing expenses your client may incur are your fees (this part is up to you as the advisor) and internal exchange traded fund expense ratios, which are a “hidden cost” priced into the value of any ETFs we may use in your client’s portfolio (some of our portfolios do not use them). ETF expenses range from 0.05%-0.36% of the account value per year (depending on the portfolio strategy), with an average of 0.13%. All performance data is reported net of any ETF-related expenses.

Specialized Strategies for Multi-Account Portfolios


Fixed Income

Fixed Income Plus
100% Credit

Custom Liability-Driven Investing
Custom Mix


Equity and Alternatives

Traditional Strategic Allocation
100% Equities

Global Strategic Allocation
60-100% Equities, 0-40% Other


Liquid Alternatives to Hedge Funds

Opportunistic Unconstrained Allocation
100% Unconstrained


Liquid Alternatives to Private Equity

Selective Stock Allocation
100% Equities

Turnkey Strategies for Complete Single-Account Portfolios


US-Centric Stock/Bond Mix

Traditional Strategic Allocation
100% Equities

Traditional Aggressive Allocation
25% Credit, 75% Equities

Traditional Moderate Allocation
50% Credit, 50% Equities

Traditional Conservative Allocation
75% Credit, 25% Equities


Global Stock/Bond/HF/PE Mix

Multi-Method Unconstrained
100% Unconstrained

Multi-Method Constrained
50% Credit, 50% Unconstrained

Draw on our services to make your practice bigger, faster, more efficient, more enjoyable, and more profitable.

Practice Management Resources for Advisors

Your financial advisory practice (like all practices) has holes in it, in the same sense that your clients’ financial plans and investment portfolios have shortcomings before they hire you. But just as you work with your clients to fill the gaps in their financial lives, we work with advisory firms to fill the gaps in their practices. 4Thought provides a series of plug-and-play practice management resources to the advisor community to ensure you have access to the specific services that will seal the leaks in your dam and make your business bulletproof. Through the use of our Separately Managed Account program you can draw on these services on an as-needed basis to make your practice bigger, faster, more efficient, more enjoyable, and more profitable. We want to help you spend less time doing the things you don’t want to do, and more time doing the things you like. Through 4Thought you can:

1 Outsource Your Investment Portfolio Management

You’ve probably already heard about the benefits of making a practice more efficient by focusing on asset gathering versus asset management, and about making a practice more valuable by transitioning from transactional to fee advisory services. With these starting points, we’ve built a program with the practical day-to-day needs of advisors and their firms in mind, with the ultimate goal of making the advisor happier. 4Thought Financial Group claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®)*. But while a transparent, razor sharp focus on portfolio performance is always important, providing adaptable resources and services to the advisor and his/her firm are paramount

  • Multiple investment methods in one shop: to create all-weather portfolios prepared for Bull, Bear, Wolf, and Eagle markets
  • Separately Managed Accounts: with a unique “Think Outside the Style Box” mindset for institutions, or a hands-on advisor/firm
  • Turnkey total portfolio management: for those that want simplicity for their business and their clients
  • Flexible modular design: including wrap pricing, low investment minimums, custom portfolios, and consolidated web-based reporting
2 Outsource Your Client Relationship Management

As your practice and your number of clients has grown, you’ve probably found that it becomes harder to properly service your entire book without hiring help. You may also receive referrals to new clients that you can’t take on due to a lack of time or because they don’t fit your client profile. But why throw money away? Rather than having to hire and train new personnel or turn away clients, consider that 4Thought has a proactive team of client relationship managers and advisors that you can tap into for everything from new client presentations and fee planning to ongoing advisory, quarterly reviews, and client servicing … while still being compensated … indefinitely. You can choose your arrangement:

Make an introduction and leave the presentations and advisory to us
Bring in a proactive team to service your existing clients
Outsource specific aspects on a client-by-client basis
Outsource an entire segment of your client book

3 Implement A Succession Plan For Your Practice

Whether you’re just looking to spend a little more time on the golf course, you’re concerned about the fate of the practice you’ve worked so hard to build, or you want to sell your business now, we recognize the need for you to plan for succession and a potential exit strategy. Given the Boomer-driven demographic transition that is happening in the advisor community (just like with your clients), we’ve developed a ready-made transition program and a specially-trained team to help you extract the monetary value of your practice in the events of:

Full Retirement

4 Access Financial Planning Technical Resources And Practice Consulting

We maintain a stable of specialists in various areas of financial planning and wealth management so that you can tap into our resources on demand, to simply pick the brain of a professional, attend our remote-access training sessions, or use our fee planning department to generate documents and recommendations for delivery to your client. You’ll also be able to access our network of experts in practice consulting to help you optimize your business for marketing, technology, operational efficiency, and work/life balance. Our four areas of financial planning focus are:

Investment Planning
Estate Planning
Business Succession
Fringe Benefits

Results Speak Louder Than Words.


Partner with 4Thought Today and Transform The Way You Manage Your Clients' Assets

Through the use of our Separately Managed Account program you can take advantage not only of our flexible Multi-Method Investing® approach and algorithmic investment processes, but also our personnel, training, resources, and support. In the end, our goal is to provide options that help you work in a more holistic way so achieving your client’s financial goals becomes easier.

  • Low cost access to high impact investing through our redefined concept of the market cycle.
  • Human creativity and support services combined with the power of our technology-driven methodology
  • A flexible program for either a turnkey approach or the manager-of-managers
  • Options for ancillary practice management resources