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Financial Planning Idea for the Day: Am I Paying High Investment Fees?

Welcome to the 4Thought Financial Group ‘Financial Planning Idea for the Day’ video series, with our CFO and host, Martin Levine. This week, Levine shares his thoughts on high investment fees, claiming their time has come and gone. 

There are myriad factors involved in making sound investment decisions, but perhaps the one that offers the investor some control, and improves the long-term performance of the investment, is to avoid paying high investment fees. 

However, research suggests that individual investors often ignore the sometimes-exorbitant investment fees they are paying. Levine says the time has come for that practice to stop.

“Don’t pay high fees, high investment fees,” Levine bluntly states. “Recently, a new client came into our office. And as I looked at their statements and looked at their prospectuses, there were high fees. Not necessary anymore to pay high fees. The days of high fees are over. The technology is making it available at a very low cost, and in some cases, no cost.” 

Don’t pay high fees anymore.”

The 4Thought CFO continues that researching your options is still prudent when it comes to finding the right solution for your specific needs, but paying high fees for investment services is no longer necessary.

"So, not saying that’s the right solution for you, you want to speak to somebody also, so that’s part of a value-added service,” Levine explains. “So you have to look today at the whole package, not just the fees, but you shouldn’t pay high fees, it’s going to erode long-term performance.”

The news on the investment fee front remains positive, as the trend over the last couple of years is that they are in a downward trajectory. Levine cautions that it’s best to review your options and act accordingly. 

“There’s better opportunities out there, so speak to your employer, tell them to get a low-cost alternative to what you have. If you want a second opinion, please contact us,” he concludes. “And that’s the Idea: Don’t pay high fees anymore.”


Check back for the 4Thought Financial Group ‘Financial Planning Idea for the Day’ every week, as Martin Levine tackles frequently asked questions from clients spanning a wide range of topics, such as choosing the ideal life insurance company, micro versus macro investment options, breaking down retainer fees, and what to do with older life insurance policies, among many others.

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