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The SECURE ACT, Qualified Plan Updates, Judy Lynch VP LIEBG / 4Thought Financial Group

In this video Judy Lynch, QPA QKC, Vice President of Long Island Employee Benefits Group presents the recent changes in the regulation of Employer-Sponsored ERISA Retirement Plans related to the SECURE Act. This is important information for any employer, accountant, or financial services professional to be aware of. If you offer your employees a 401k, profit sharing plan, or pension through your business and you’re not familiar with the SECURE Act’s changes, this video is well worth watching. Please reach out to us at 4Thought with any questions or for help with your retirement plan.
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If Your Retirement Plan Is Out Of Date Or In Non‑Compliance, You Are At Risk.

Recent and anticipated changes to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule and potential new SEC rules may mandate new compliance requirements for retirement plan services sponsors and providers. If your retirement plan is out of date or in non-compliance, then you are at risk.

Saving enough money to live comfortably during retirement is a chief concern among countless Americans. For so many, retirement plan services provided by plan sponsor employers, unions, or other professional bodies maintain this critical financial lifeline, often via a 401(k).

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401k Rollover Today, Comfortable Retirement Tomorrow

A 401k rollover should not be a challenge. Learn how 4Thought Financial helps you implement a low-cost, high impact retirement option.

Rolling over your 401k today can help move you towards a more comfortable retirement tomorrow.  Leaving your 401k unattended can not only jeopardize your retirement, but also ensures that you miss out on various market opportunities.  Besides that, rolling over your 401k gives you more control over your investments.

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Investing For Retirement Should Not Cost Your Retirement

You deserve to retire comfortably. With 4Thought Financial, investors can enjoy quality low cost investment options.

When investing for retirement, investment fees should not total a significant portion of your retirement portfolio.  Fees assessed on qualified retirement plans add up, especially for plans for smaller employers.  The 401k and the Individual Retirement Account (IRA) have become the retirement savings vehicles of choice, but these accounts all charge fees or other expenses that eat into returns.

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Have A Difficult Conversation Now to Optimize Transfer of Wealth

Properly identifying assets and goals helps CPAs have an easier time with estate planning, along with having the appropriate products and strategies to help.

The subject of what to do with assets after retirement or death is an understandably difficult topic to address. Upset family members, lost documents and the absence of the grantor after death are among some of the difficulties that tax professionals face. But the ultimate difficulty lies in having the conversation in the first place.

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