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The Importance of CPA Continuing Education

It is a requirement in most states that any practicing CPAs obtain continuing education to keep their license intact. Learn other reasons CPA CPE is important.
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There's a constant push for continuing education among professionals in many industries. The reasons below should give you some good insight on why continuing professional education courses are so important for a CPA.

CPA Continuing Education Is a Licensure Requirement

It is a requirement in most states that any practicing CPAs obtain further education to keep their license intact. That is outlined on a state-by-state level and is broken down into a number of CPE hours that are needed each year.

You can look into the CPA licensure requirements for your state to get a better idea of how many continuing education hours you need to complete every year. Typically, between 40 and 120 hours are needed. There can also be expectations on which courses you will seek out. For example, completing a minimum of eight hours in accounting and auditing is necessary.

AICPA Memberships Require Additional CPE Credits

The need for CPE credits does not stop at the state board level. A fair percentage of accounting firms demand you uphold your AICPA membership. To sustain your membership, one of the criteria you must meet is completing 120 CPE course hours every 36 months.

According to AICPA, hours can come from "a formal program of education or by any other means." Many CPAs now turn to online learning and self-studying programs to make sure the CPE hours get done in time. Online CPE courses also work favorably for any CPA that's already practicing full-time in an accounting firm.

Continuing Education Can Increase Earning Potential

Both job security and earning potential increase when a CPA seeks out further education. The beginning point is when you reach AICPA membership approval, which makes you more trustworthy as a new hire. The AICPA membership can help you get your "foot in the door," when you might have had trouble otherwise.

CPA Continuing Education Helps You Work Better

There is the chance to improve yourself as a professional further -- especially when choosing CPA continuing education courses online. You can learn about everything under the sun, which means there is endless fuel for your resume. When you scope out a prospective opening at a reputable firm, it's easy to tailor your learning to suit that business's technical specifications. Furthermore, keeping your knowledge of tax issues, laws and loopholes up to date will make you a more efficient CPA in the long run.

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