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Protect Yourself with Holistic Financial Planning

Holistic Financial Planning is a comprehensive evaluation and coordination of Financial, Investment, Business Succession and Fringe Benefit Planning.
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"The comprehensive wealth management we provide involves the coordination and execution of four different types of financial planning: Investment Planning, Estate Planning, Business Succession Planning and Fringe Benefit Planning."

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You may have heard of holistic financial planning. As its name suggests, it is a method of financial planning that encompasses many different aspects of income and capital management, from planning for the education of your children, to saving and investing for retirement, to estate and business succession planning. According to Kiplinger research, holistic financial planning, and in particular in the area of investment, could net you 1.5 percent more in average annual returns.

Holistic financial planning strategies are centered on the entirety of a person's life, and focus on both their financial present and future. When you appoint a holistic financial planning expert, they will collect together all relevant financial information and create a plan that not only defines a financial plan for you to follow now, but which also sets lifetime objectives that will help you to save money, invest wisely and prepare for a future without debt and with wealth to sustain you through retirement.

The Value of Holistic Financial Planning

Throughout your lifetime, you may approach financial planning in a somewhat haphazard or sporadic way, only seeking out advice and support when you need it. This approach can work well enough in the short-term, but what about the bigger picture?

By taking a new holistic approach to your financial planning, you can experience the following benefits:

  • Holistic financial planning can help you to avoid wandering aimlessly without a purpose. It brings together and integrates all financial elements of your life in one comprehensive and actionable plan.
  • Discover the financial plan that best fits your life now and as you progress along your financial journey.
  • Expert advice throughout every stage of your life that ensures you are making the best decisions with your money and with realistic financial goals in mind.

The Holistic Financial Planning Process

Discovery - Your holistic financial expert will discuss everything that is most important to you in life, such as your career, family, home, business interests and plans for the future. They will also discuss your financial concerns, so that these can be addressed as quickly as possible to get your financial goals on track.

Planning - During the discovery phase, your financial planner will take into account all areas of your current personal situation, gauging your priorities and life goals and building the foundations of a sound, flexible and beneficial holistic financial plan.

Solutions - During the planning phase, your financial planner will recommend specific concepts and solutions designed to help you hit your goals and targets. From here, a customized plan will be formulated and tailored to your individual situation and needs.

Monitoring - Possibly the most important phase of the holistic financial planning process is continuous monitoring of your position. You know how it goes - just when you thought your finances were on track, life happens. Just one unexpected expense, an illness or a fluctuation in the financial markets can change everything. Your holistic financial planner will help you to prepare for the unexpected, anticipate and address changes, and adjust your financial plans if required.

Final Thoughts

We are all on a journey, and while life may throw the odd curveball here and there, there are many ways you can prepare yourself for a more certain and secure financial future. Comprehensive financial planning will help you to create a roadmap that gets you where you want to be so that you feel confident you are receiving the best advice and support along the way.

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