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How Can CPAs Mitigate Their Client's Risk? Ask “How Does This Tie In With the Rest of Your Finances?"

CPAs must ask the right questions to mitigate their clients risk. One of these questions is asking how an investment ties in with the overall picture.

Investment professionals and entities alike should always ask “How Does This Tie In With the Rest of Your Finances?”.  It is an important enough question that even from service providers such as attorneys and CPAs, often does not get asked enough to their clients.

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Substantial Tax Deduction Opportunities for Business Owner Clientele: Captive Insurance Companies

Captive Insurance Companies can provide risk transfer for operating companies, a sizable tax deduction, and other benefits for privately held business owners.

Towards the end of the year, CPA firms are generally looking for opportunities to maximize the tax deductions available to their business owner clientele. For a business owner client whose operation has the right characteristics, there is a substantial opportunity for tax deduction (up to $1.2 Million annually) that has gone unutilized until relatively recently (around 2002). This opportunity is provided by IRS tax code under IRC 831(b), and is known as the domestic captive insurance company.

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